Frequently asked questions
All the resources you need to take your business into new markets
Here is a short list of important questions to consider before entering the North American market :
Q1 Who will sell your products?

Who are the best retailers, the ones who will showcase and move your product quickly? How many territories are you expanding to simultaneously and how will you ensure distribution, representation and sales, and post-purchase support? How many SKUs are you selling and which ones are you targeting for these markets? How well do you know North American end customer?

Q2 How will you manage your inventory?

Where will you store your inventory, and how are you managing your in-stock? How much control are you giving your salesforce to manage their own orders and deliveries? How quickly can you respond to shifts in demand for your different product lines? Is your inventory safe and secure? Are you insured?

Q3 What’s your competitive advantage?

Knowing that the market is matured with prestigious brands such as yours, how do you plan to make a dent? What are your launch and social media strategies? How do you reach your target markets effectively? What is your sales promotion strategy? Do you have values that your clients connect with, and ways of demonstrating those values in action?

Here is a list of resources on importing goods into Canada :
  • CBSA’s Step-by-Step Guide to Importing Commercial Goods into Canada:
  • To get a Business Number: Business Registration Online (BRO)
  • CBSA’s licensed custom broker list
  • Border Information Service
  • Customs Tarif
  • Other Government Departments and Agencies: Reference List for Importers
  • Government of Canada Publications
  • CBSA Forms and Publications
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